Determination Puppets

– Atom

In collaboration with Mike Pattison. 

The teenager to the Fascination Puppet. A 9ft rod puppet which was the template for a residency at Slip 6, Chatham, 2011 involving Imagination partners.

The first Determination Puppet was named Atom by young people of the Brighton Partnership on his first trip out.

My goal for Atom was to have a larger than life figure which required focus and athleticism from it’s puppeteers, but which created a vibrant and responsive character.

The internal skeleton is constructed from PVC pipe with robust and mobile joints. Parallel sprung rods connect from a front mounted harness on the central performer to above the lower back. This allows a neutral base and fluid waist pivot. This person also has two rods attached higher up on the back and the other at the neck who’s joint allows movement in any direction.

There are rods attached to both legs and controls on elbows and hands, so 5 puppeteers in total are required.

I have run puppetry workshops all over the country with Atom, a process which has continually helped me develop skills, but also learn about the human body.

To  Chaz